The Simpsons – want to eat some KrustyO’s cereals?

Simpsons PosterEver wondered if you can have some products out of a cartoon movie? Yes, you can now. In the upcoming Simpsons movie , where Homer mistakenly pollutes the river with toxic waste from the power plant, he then  loses his job and forces evacuation from Springfield, possibly forever.

7-eleven not only renamed some of their shops into Kwik-E-Mart (the name of the shops in Springfield), they are also seling now KrustyO’s cereals.

Ratatouille – Disney launches its own wine

2007_ratatouille_both_web.jpgBased on the new movie from Disney Ratatouille a rat named Remy, who lives in Paris and wants to become a Frechn Cuisinne Chef, Disney is going into the food & wine business. According to the press release from Disney – Costco Wholesale Corp. will offer red and white wines to compliment the film’s backdrop of a five-star Parisian restaurant. The chardonnay, from the Burgundy region in France and bearing the Ratatouille name and likeness, will sell for $12.99. Of course, the wine is French–a 2004 white Burgundy from the Mâcon’s Château de Messey, and will be available Aug. 1 at Costco stores in 18 states.

2007_ratatouille_skinner_web.jpg Looks like Disney is expanding into new areas. It’s going to be interesting to follow up this wines and the quality of them. I am just wondering what will come next, Shrek Vodka ? , Nemo Water ?  Well, let’s wait and find out.

By the way, I loved that movie, as usual great characters.