Shutter – Cam of the Dead

Shutter Poster I know, it’s getting old. So I won’t complain about the remaking of Asian horror movies again.

" Shutter " tells the story of an newly married couple, played by "Dawson’s Creek"-Joshua Jackson and "Transformers"-Raphael Taylor (in her first lead role), who discover images of a dead, black-haired, Asian girl (yes, another one) on photographs they have taken.

It’s set to be released on March 21.

Rachael And this is the camera sexy Raphael Taylor uses to make photos from beyond the grave…

The Last Mimzy – Another doll

The Last Mimzy - Poster Another cute little plush doll. This time it’s from the movie " The Last Mimzy ".

In the film high tech devices from the future are send back to prevent an ecological disaster from happening. And they are disguised as plush dolls.

The Last Mimzy girlThe most important one in the movie is a talking rabbit.

Your kids want to have a talking rabbit, don’t they? Here you go.

CJ7 – Plush Alien

CJ7 PosterIn " CJ7 ", by director Stephen Chow (creator of "Kung-Fu Hustle"), Chow himself plays a widower who can’t afford buying his son a present, so he gives him a strange toy he found in the garbage.

CJ7 AlienAnd who would have guessed, it’s a real Alien. And since we’re talking about a Hong Kong movie, it’s of course cute and fluffy and has big, big shiny eyes… 

Cloverfield – The Great Unknown on a mobile phone

Cloverfield PosterFinally all rumors will fade. "Cloverfield" hits the cinemas.
The new Godzilla-wannabe by producer J.J. Abrahams tells the story of a giant monster beheading the statue of liberty and reducing New York city to rubble.

Rob A huge part of the movie is filmed by the main characters using amateur camcorders and mobile phones.

We found the phone used by Rob Hawkins (Michael Stahl-David). More ..


One missed call – The mobile phones

One missed call - PosterHere’s to the Japanese movie-makers, what would Hollywood do without them? Where would they take ideas for "new" horror-movies from?
"The Ring", "Dark Water", "The Grudge" and now:
"One missed call" ("Chakushin Ari" being the Japanese original, if anyone cares to know).

In the movie people receive phone calls from the future telling them their exact time of death. And then they die.

BethThis sounds scary to you, you’ve already been too afraid to use your phone ever since you saw "The Ring" and now you want to have an even scarier mobile phone? Here you go.

We found two phones from the movie…   

Vantage Point – Record Forest, Record!

Vantage Point - PosterIn the upcoming movie "Vantage Point", set to be released on February 22, 2008, the American president (William Hurt) gets shot by, you guessed it, a terrorist.

Forest Whitaker In the crowd filming the whole thing to show his kids is American tourist Howard Lewis, played by Forest Whitaker.

We found out which camcorder he uses to record the assassination.

Christmas Vacation – Ever wanted one of the famous Moose Mugs?

Christmas Vacation Poster Christmas Vacation – I know, it’s not the newest movies we are covering with our blog.. however, as we have received a certain request for the moose mugs, we are going to cover them now.

The movie is about the Griswold family’, who plans for a big family Christmas coming together and as you can imagine, everything goes wrong.

At a certain moment in the movie, they are drinking out of  moose mugs. Want to know, where to get them ?