The Nightmare before Christmas – Jack Head Candle Set

The Nightmare before Christmas PosterThe instant classic is back, remastered in Disney Digital 3-D. If you haven’t already seen this movie, well, shame on you, go see it.

Now for all of you who already are fans of the movie, like I myself am, I’ve put together the perfect Christmas presents for every Nightmare before Christmas maniac.

See the first item I chose here.

Rush Hour 3 – Roulette table

Rush Hour 3Rush Hour 3 – just started recently in the movies.  Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) and Chief Inspector Lee (Chacki Chan) inadvertently get involved in a Chinese Triad Crew and that in lovely Paris.

 At a certain time in the movie, both will be in a Casino in Paris. And guess what, you will be able to get one of the original roulette tables used in the movie on ebay.