Kane & Lynch : There will be a lot of weapons in this movie

Kane & Lynch - Poster Kane & Lynch – a movie coming 2011 which is based on the same name of a computer game.

A pair of Death Row inmates, a mercenary named Kane ( Bruce Willis )  and a schizophrenic named Lynch ( Jamie Foxx ), escape during a prison transport and team up to retrieve a stolen fortune.

Colt Not a lot is know about this movie, also there are no pictures yet available. However as you can see on the poster, Bruce Willis is holding a rifle, which looks like the Colt M4 Assault Rifle.

I guess, thie is going to be another heave Action movie.

Watchmen – using the right gun

Watchmen Poster Watchmen – When an ex-superhero is murdered, a vigilante named Rorshach begins an investigation into the murder, which begins to lead to a much more terrifying conclusion.

In case you want to get prepared for the movie – you might want to check out the comic.

GunEdward Blake ( Jeffrey  Dean Morgan ) – the Comedian is using a nice gun, well it’s more a grenade launcher. 

Get the model …

Rambo – First Blood, Second Blood, Third Blood

Firstblood In an earlier article we told you where to buy a replica of John Rambo’s knife in the fourth instalment of the "First Blood"-series.

Firstblood 2

In case one terrorist-slasher isn’t enough for, well, you should probably consider meeting an psychiatrist or you click here to find more …

Wanted – Angelina Jolie’s Weapons

PosterNo guys I am not talking about the usual weapons people talk about when they see Angelina, I am talking about her gun in the upcoming film Wanted.


GunIn this film Angelina plays Fox, a dead sexy assassin that trains up Wesley (James McAvoy) so he can avenge his father’s death.


Angelina uses two weapons, one which was made by the prop department and the other …

RAMBO – John Rambos Knife

Rambo Wallpaper"What d’you want with a knife like this? – For hunting.
Smartass! What d’you hunt with a knife? – Everything."

John Rambo is back and even though I can’t afford buying one, I found out where I could get the original knife from Rambo IV , so that I can dream of someday having one and be running around the forest hunting. Hunting what? Everything.

Take a closer look here.

Shooter – The Sniper rifle from Bob Lee Swager

Sniper Rifle In the movie Shooter, Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) is using different weapons during the movie. However one particular sniper rifle gets special attention in the story. The weapon Bob Lee Swagger had the record and is getting framed for.

In this poster you can see him holding this special rifle. It is the M200 from the company CheyTac using the CheyTac® 408 Intervention™ Rifle System.

According to CheyTac this weapons is holding the record for best group at distance.

Hitman – that’s what I call a nice gun

HitmanHitman – another movie where you will see a lot of guns and kills of course. Agent 47 (Thimoty Olyphant) a hitman-for-hire gets involved in a political conspiracy involving Interpol, Russian millitary and other organisations.

This movie is based on a triology of a game with the same name. Latest one called Hitman blood money.

2007_Hitman_gun.jpgYes, that is a picture out of the movie. And as you can guess, this weapon is heavily used in this movie.  The gun is from a company called Para-Ordnance based in Canada, Toronto.

And the gun is called P18-9s .

Get prepared for a lot of action with this movie. 

Hot Fuzz – Which guns do you use in Englands countryside

Poster Hot FuzzHot Fuzz – The great Cop Movie from England about a top London Cop getting transfered to a small countryside town and getting paired with a new partner.

Surprisingly it is lot of action at the end and a lot of shooting is taking place. Where our heroes have a big arsenal of weapons at their disposal.

Hot Fuzz Guns

As you can see our Hero Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is wearing a lot of guns. The one he is actually holding in his hand is the British varian of the FN FAL -> L1A1 SLR .

I have to give Credit for this info to The Internet Movie Firearms Database