Harry Potter – Which wand is the best for me?

2007_harry_potter_poster2.jpg This weekend opens another big Summer movie – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix . Harry and his friends are going to fight again against Voldemore. In Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry they build a group to practice against Dark Arts. In 140 minutes you will experience again the world of wizards and the fight between good and evil. However this time Harry Potter has the Order of the Phoenix at his side. I case you want to have a wand to to fight against the evil in this world. Want to know where to get a wand ?

Here you get the Wand from Harry . You also can get the wands from other famous people from Potters wizard world (Hermione Granger , Ron Weasley , Malfoy , .. , and the newly added wand from – Sirius Black)

And enjoy the movie – it’s for sure a great summer block buster.







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