Chuck and Larry – T-Shirts you wear on a gay parade

2007_i_now_pronounce_you_poster_small.jpg This week new the new movie from director Dennis Dugan, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry , will come into the cinemas. Chuck (Adam Sandler) and Larry (Kevin James) are two straight guys working as firefighters in Brooklyn. As best friends they would help each other in any way. Now they will do anything to help ensure the kids from Larry are covered and to get that, they pretend to be a gay couple to reveive all the benefits of a domestic couple. At one point they participate on a gay parade.  Want to know what they are wearing ? And where to get them ? 


Mrs. Pitt and Mrs. Timberlake T-Shirts . Yes, you read right, last year the trend started to wear T-Shirts with the married names you would like to have. I propably don’t have to tell you, who Chuck and Larry would liket to be. 

In case you want to have your own Mrs. T-Shirst, try it here

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