04 October
 > flash.gif 27 Dresses
 > quicktime.png American Gangster
 > flash.gif Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
 > quicktime.png Semi Pro

03 October 
 > flash.gif Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem

01 October 
 > flash.gif The Good Night

01 October 
 > flash.gif Wall-E  –  international Trailer (french)

29 September 
 > quicktime.png Grace is Gone
 > flash.gif The Golden Compass – Special: Defining Animals and Daemons
 > flash.gif Lake of Fire
 > quicktime.png Midnight Meat Train

28 September 
 > flash.gif Wall-E 

27 September 
 > flash.gif Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
 > flash.gif Pathalogy
 > flash.gif This Christmas         

26 September 
 > quicktime.png O’Jerusalem
 > quicktime.png Feel The Noise
 > quicktime.png We Own the Night         
 > quicktime.png Bee Movie           
 > flash.gif Finishing the Game           
 > flash.gif Walk All Over Me           

25 September 
 > quicktime.png SAW IV
 > flash.gif Day Watch
 > quicktime.png Beowulf         
 > flash.gif The Game Plan           
 > flash.gif Flight of the Living Dead           

23 September 
 > flash.gif King Corn
 > flash.gif Wristcutter
 > flash.gif Sarah Landon

22 September 
 > flash.gif Southland Tales
 > flash.gif Elisabeth: The Golden Age  –  Extended Preview
 > flash.gif The Final Season
 > flash.gif Pathology
 > flash.gif Control

20 September 
 > quicktime.png Beowulf  
 > flash.gif Tyler Perry’ Why Did I Get Married?
 > flash.gif P.S. I Love You    
 > quicktime.png Strangers

19 September 

18 September 
 > flash.gif Enchanted  –  Behind the Scene Featurette
 > flash.gif The Last Winter
 > flash.gif Great World of Sound
 > flash.gif The Counterfeiters
 > flash.gif The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emporor  –  Stunt Team Featurette
 > flash.gif Run, Fat Boy, Run
 > flash.gif The Comebacks
 > flash.gif Into the Wild  –  Clips

17 September 
 > flash.gif Get Smart  –  Set visit
 > flash.gif Resident Evil: Extinction  –  Behind the Scenes Featurette

16 September 
 > quicktime.png Black Irish

Oceans 13 – Sunglasses of Brad Pitt and George Clooney

Oceans 13 PosterOceans 13 – the third round for this gentlemen thieves brings them back to Las Vegas. Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) plot a heist at corrupt casino owner Willy Banks (Al Pacino), after their friend Reuben Tishkoff (Elliot Gould) gets a heart attack.

Oceans 13Brad Pitt and George Clooney are wearing very beautiful sunglasses at the end of the movie.

Brad Pitts one is from Oliver Peoples – this one is the one called Strummer .  

George Clooneys are from Persol – although exactly these ones are not available anymore, you can get ones with different colours who look very similar at Amazon.    

1-18-08 Cloverfield – Slusho T-Shirt

2007_Cloverfield_poster.jpgCloverfield – the movie know one know what it is about. We just know about the actors and they had to sign a heavy confidential clause and are not allowed to talk about it.

You definitely should check out the trailer at

At one certain point in the trailer you see someone telling you, to get up to the roof.

Slusho T-Shirt

Here you can see it. He is wearing a T-shirt from a fictional company called SLUSHO! .   And you know what, you can actually buy it at their homepage. Don’ t worry, although it is with an ending .jp for japan it is all in english.  And according to some infos on the internet , there are some clues about the story as there should be some japanese newspaper pages in the box of the package.

The Nanny Diaries – Got a good stroller for yourself?

The Nanny Diaries PosterThe Nanny Diaries – a college student called Annie (Scarlett Johansson) goes to work as a Nanny for a wealthy New York family. And of course she got in all kind of trouble, falls in love and of course has to take care of a spoiled rich kid.

At one time in the movie, Annie takes care about the small kid and makes a tour with a stroller.  

Stroller Running around with a nice stroller from Peg Perego . The stroller itself is promoted on there website : the Pico P3 Classico .

You would be surprised how they promote this stroller.. like a real car with all the nice and great features.

Just feel free to get one for yourself and your kids.

Shooter – The Sunglasses Mark Wahlberg is wearing

SunglassesAt this picture you see Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) standing in a Hangar at the beginning of the movie Shooter. You also can see the sunglasses which are hanging on his Shirt.

I finally was able to find out, from which brand they are.

Want to know the name and see a picture ?

Death at a Funeral – Roberts Suit

Gucci SuitRobert (Rupert Graves) is wearing a very nice Suit. It’s a very nice dark navy stripes Gucci Suit and Amazon is offering it. Get it here.

For the Tie, well.. this one was a little bit tricker to find. And I must admit, I also didn’t find the right colour, it has blue stripes instead of lila ones! Allright here you go . They even have some different colours for that Tie .

Death at a Funeral – Sunglasses

2007_Death_at_a_funeral_poster_small.jpgDeath at a Funeral – a british comedy which takes place at a funeral regarding a recently deceased patriarch of a dysfunctional British family.

Robert (Rubert Graves) one of the people attenting this funeral is wearing nice Dior sunglasses. For a picture of Robert and the sunglasses …

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