Rush Hour 3 – Renault Espace

2007_Rush_Hour_3_poster2_small.jpg Rush Hour 3 – Also in this movie, the cars play a major role. Well.. of course, it is another Action movie. In Paris, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are followed from several people on bikes. What are they using to escape? A Renault Espace Taxi.

Want to see a sequence from this car chase ?  You can watch it at ifilm .


Stardust – A Witch Dress

2007_stardust_Lamia_small.jpg In the new Stardust movie – Michelle Pfeiffer plays a ‘wicked witch’ called Lamia.

At a certain time in the movie she is wearing a beautiful dress and guess what… You can buy the original one, Michelle Pfeiffer was wearing. Where ?  This would be here .

Rush Hour 3 – Roulette table

Rush Hour 3Rush Hour 3 – just started recently in the movies.  Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) and Chief Inspector Lee (Chacki Chan) inadvertently get involved in a Chinese Triad Crew and that in lovely Paris.

 At a certain time in the movie, both will be in a Casino in Paris. And guess what, you will be able to get one of the original roulette tables used in the movie on ebay. 

Stardust – Tristan’s Trench Coat

2007_Stardust_poster_small.jpgStardust – the new fantasy movie from Matthew Vaughn –  where a young man makes a promise to his beloved that he’ll retrieve a fallen star by venturing into the magical realm in the countryside town bordering on a magical land.

Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro and the hero Charlie Cox (Tristan) play a main role in this movie.

2007_Stardust_Jacket_small.jpg The hero Tristan wears in a lot of scenes this beatuiful Trench Coat. In case you want to look also for your fallen star, you can do it in the same outfit as Charlie Cox in this Scene. Now you ask yourself where can I get it ?  Well, you can buy the ORIGINAL here .  I just hope you don’t have a whitch like Michelle Pfeiffer on your trail.

Bratz – want a blue vespa?

2007_bratz_poster_small.jpg Beeing the latest movie for teens, Bratz , which is based on the 4 Dolls, the 4 best girlfriends face off against the domineering student body president who wants to split them up into different social cliques.

This movie is full of product placements, we are going to cover in the near future, however, one important thing you can get right now! 

2007_bratz_vespa_small.jpgYes, you can try to win the original Vespa from the movie.  In case you want to buy one yourself try it here.

300 – Immortals

2007_300_poster_small.jpg300 , one of the most stunnig visualized movies this year, is based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel about the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C . Most of the scenes are 1:1 as they are in the novel. 

One part of the persian King Xerxes army are the elite guards, the Immortals

In case you want to know, what our blog has to do with the Immortals. 

I am a legend – What is the best car to hunt for vampires?

2007_I_am_a_legend_poster_small.jpg In the new movie with Will Smith – I am a Legend – (due in December 2007) – he plays Robern Neville, the last man on earth. A mutated virus has changed the world’s population into bloodthirsty creatures. Trying to survive every night, he is looking to find a cure for the pandemic. The movie is based on Richard Matheson’s novel of the same name , which was written 1954.

One of the cars he will use in Manhattan is the new Shelby GT500 from Mustang. This car looks really pretty nice.

2007_I_am_a_legend_car_small.jpg Specifications:

  •  Engine: Iron block 5.4-liter, DOHC, 32-valve, 90-degree V-8
  • Aspiration: Eaton M122 Roots-type Supercharger w/Air-to-water Intercooler
  • Drive Wheels: RWD
  • Length: 187.6 in.
  • Width: 73.9 in.
  • Height: 54.5 in.

2007_I_am_a_legend_shelby_mustang_small.jpg Performance:

  • Horsepower: 500 bhp (SAE-certified)
  • 0-60 mph: 4.3 sec.
  • Quarter-Mile: 12.257 @ 117.180
  • Top Speed: 155 mph (Electronically Limited)
  • Coefficient of Drag: 0.38
  • Horsepower Per Liter: 83.19 bhp
  • Horsepower Per Weight: 188.92 bhp

I am not sure if this car is playing a major role, however, I think this car will get some screen time. Specially as you can see him using this car in the movie trailer. Watch the HD – Version. Believe me, you will like what you see.