The Dark Knight – Batmans new Batpod

2008_The_Dark_Knight_poster_small.jpg Look who is back in 2008, Batman  and his old nemesis Joker. In Christopher Nolan’s movie The Dark Knight , Batman (Christopher Bale) and Lieutenant Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) with the help of District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) are going to fight against the crime of Gotham City. Together they will find a huge enemy, the criminal mastermind called The Joker.

Bruce Wayne will use again all kinds of gadgets to fight against the criminal organisations. At one point he will use his Batpod , which is a recreation of the old Batcycle. Nathan Crowley, who also designed the Tumbler Car for the previous movie Batman Begins, has build six models which will be used during the production.


2008_The_Dark_Knight_Batpod_small.jpg As You can see, the Batpod will not be steered by hands, like we are used to with our bikes, but instead with the shoulders. The side of the ‘steering device’ even helps to protect the sidearms. I don’t want to know, how much horespower this vehicle is supposed to have. It looks like a great bike to me, which I would love to have for cruising the streets, although I would not need the cannons and machine guns build at the front and rear. So what do you think, do you want to ride on it ?


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