The Last Mimzy – Plush Bunny

Your remember seeing The Last Mimzy in the cinema?


The famous Plush Bunny who changed the world in the future. The story runs about 2 kids, a brother and his younger sister, who begin to develop special talents after they find a mysterious box of toys.

And of course the small mimzy bunny from the future plays a major role in this. In case you want to know  where to get it.


The Donner Doll company is producing this plush rabbit. You can buy it at different places on the internet. They sell 2 different versions one for $59.99 and the other one for $24.99 and here is a picture from them:


And in case you want to buy a poster and/or a DVD, the best is you have a look at the Shop of NEW LINE Cinema itself – NEW LINE Cinema

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